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Updated: Feb 12

Using the Thermo Scientific Savant DNA 120 SpeedVac Concentrator

BRPB 2/10/2019

- Samples should be completely thawed prior to placing them in the speedvac,

-After thawing, perform a quick vortex ~ 10 s then centrifuge.

[notes: The centrifuge and speedvac have standard heads (1.5/2.0 ul tubes)]

-Samples are now ready to be placed into the speedvac. Ensure that the tubes are open and are positioned so that the speedvac is completely balance.

-Prior to running the instrument set the time, heat, and drying rate (Figure 1). To set the desired time, use the switch to the left to increase or decrease running time. To set heat (heater) or no heat (run) use the middle switch. To set the drying rate, use the switch at the bottom right; the options are high, medium, and low.

-Finally, you can start the speedvac by flicking the top right to auto or manual. If you set the time, you can choose auto.

-Drying the samples took 2 hours and 15 mins. Samples had ~ 90 ul of elution buffer.


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